Teenagers, Social Networking Sites and Identity Theft

We have written this article for all the Teenagers, and your moms and dads. Millions upon millions of teenagers are using the Social Networking Sites to chat with friends and meet new friends. The majority of people online are probably ok, but the law of averages demands that some are not. Some people are, quite […]

How to Build a Fast and Easy Hobby Site

Do you want a fast and easy little Web site to showcase your hobby or your family vacation? You can build such a site for little or no money, and without learning coding or scripting. Essentially, you need two things: A Web host to store your Web site, and Web pages to publish. Finding a […]

Adult Dating Online Services – Look Before You Leap

Internet dating services have become almost commonplace, so many adult dating online sites are trying to introduce features which will make them stand out from the crowd. One of the strategies which some of them have adopted, for good or bad, is to eliminate any idea of romance and long-term relationships from their sales pitches, […]

Did Grandpa Surf on Adult-Only Sites?

To find that out you just have to look for suspicious websites in the browser’s history, but what about the long-term consequences of such a surfing-behavior? Since adult-content and torrent sites are still the number one distributor of spyware and any other kind of malicious software, it is crucial to protect your Computer from such […]