Teenagers, Social Networking Sites and Identity Theft

We have written this article for all the Teenagers, and your moms and dads.

Millions upon millions of teenagers are using the Social Networking Sites to chat with friends and meet new friends. The majority of people online are probably ok, but the law of averages demands that some are not. Some people are, quite frankly, stalkers and identity thieves. Those of you looking for a relationship may be the most vulnerable for a stalker. The identity thief and the person who wants to do you physical harm intentionally hunts for people who are open, trusting and looking for a relationship. They will put the time and effort into gaining your trust and finding out everything about your identity. Protect your identity. You must think before posting something on your blog.

If you post photo’s that show adult content and text about engaging in mature conduct you may very well be inviting people who want to harm you and identity thieves. Please be discreet and use good judgment. If you wouldn’t want your mom or dad to see it, then don’t post it. Never make your full name public and even your first name is may be a mistake. Instead, you could use a nickname. By doing this, no one will know who you really are, unless you want them to. Identity thieves are also online when you are, looking for those who post their address, phone number, driver license number, Social Security number, student ID number, and date of birth and the town you live in.

The identity thieves have the knowledge and skill to figure out a Social Security number when they have your year of birth and town you were born in. It would be fine to post the year you were born or your age, but when the thief or stalker combines this info with where you were born, they have the ability to figure out your SSN.

When meeting new people online you must never give your personal information to anybody. Just know that 15% of all identity theft is committed by a family member or real good friend who the victim thought they could trust. As far as I can tell, most teenagers join the social sites so they can meet someone new. Most of the time the new people you meet, are fun and decent. But the problem is that the identity thieves and stalkers have joined the same site as you and they are hunting.

If you do decide to meet someone in person, meet them somewhere public, like a mall or a restaurant with good parking and lots of lighting. A coffee shop is a good place to meet. Why not ask one your friends to go with you so you’re not alone? Protect your identity and don’t tell the new person where you live and meet somewhere that is at least ten miles from your home. When it is time to leave, walk to your car by yourself because they may write down your license number or follow you home when they see the kind of car you drive. Don’t go to their house until you really know them and when meeting someone new let your parents know where you are going and when you’re coming home.

Don’t worry about hurting anybody’s feelings if you don’t want to meet, just politely tell them your not interested and remember that these identity thieves and stalkers are quite good at their trade and they know how to sound sincere. If you are having a party please be careful about inviting new people. Your new friend may be OK but he may bring friends who are creeps and they are coming over only to steal items or look around the house for items and entry points so they can break in later. Always meet new people somewhere other than your place and trust your inner feelings (gut).

How to Build a Fast and Easy Hobby Site

Do you want a fast and easy little Web site to showcase your hobby or your family vacation? You can build such a site for little or no money, and without learning coding or scripting. Essentially, you need two things: A Web host to store your Web site, and Web pages to publish.

Finding a Web Host

A Web host is a service that stores Web sites on special computers called servers. The servers have an Internet connection that allows the surfing public to view the Web pages online. Your home computer can also store your Web pages, but those pages are not accessible to Web surfers.

So, your first step is to locate a Web host. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might offer Web hosting as part of the package. (Your ISP is the company that connects your computers to the Internet, in exchange for a monthly fee.) If you don’t know if Web hosting is part of the package, contact the company’s tech-support people and ask. If the answer is yes, ask how you go about uploading your files to the server, and find out the password and user name that you will need. You will also want to ask for your site’s Web address.

The Web address refers to the digits that people type into their browser’s address bar when they want to visit your site. For example, if your ISP is EarthLink, your Web site’s address could be something like “http://www.earthlink.com/~smithfamily.”

If your ISP doesn’t provide free Web hosting, your next step is to locate a service elsewhere. Run a Google search for “free Web hosting,” and you will get plenty of choices.

Most free Web sites are “ad sponsored.” This means the company runs advertisements on your site. I have never heard of a free hosting service running ads with adult content, so that is not a big concern. You would want to check with the company to be on the safe side, however. You might also want to find out how many ads the company serves at any one time, and avoid free hosts that bombard your visitors with banner ads, sidebar ads and pop-ups.

Absolutely Free Hosting (http://www.absolutely-free-hosting.com/) is an excellent resource to check out. It lists a considerable number of free hosting services, compares features, and provides reviews.

When you peruse this list, take note of the special features that each free host provides.

Web space: This refers to the amount of storage space (measured in megabytes) that you get with your free package. Web pages with text and a few small pictures do not require a great deal of space. However, if you plan to upload videos, PowerPoint presentations or audio files, you will need a lot of storage space, because these files are large. If this is your plan, you might have to consider paid hosting.

Adverts: This tells you the type of advertisements that the host serves on your site, if any.

Your ads: This lets you know whether you are permitted to run your own advertisements. Consider whether you might want to have an affiliate link at some point. Perhaps, for example, you might want to recommend a book sold at Amazon. If you have an affiliate link, you will make a small commission each time someone clicks through and buys something (anything) at Amazon. You can run this affiliate link only if the Web host permits you to publish your own ads.

Available scripts: This feature tells you whether the Web host supplies scripts that let you do certain things on your Web site. These scripts could include a counter that records the number of hits, a forum, guest book, or others.

E-mail: Occasionally, a free Web host might offer Web-based e-mail or regular e-mail that you access through Microsoft Outlook or whatever e-mail application you use (this is called POP3). You would have a special e-mail address in addition to the e-mail address you have with your ISP. However, e-mail is not a typical feature with a free hosting package.

Upload methods: This refers to how you will transfer your Web pages to the company’s server. The two methods are FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Web uploading. If the host offers Web uploading, you upload the files via Internet Explorer or whatever browser you are using. This is the simplest method because you don’t need any additional software. If the host offers FTP uploading, you will require special FTP software. Simple FTP software is available as freeware, or you can pay for more sophisticated versions. Run a Google search for “free FTP software.” You will need to download it and then install it on your computer.

Online editor: This feature allows you to create your Web pages online using the host’s technology. It is the simplest way to create a Web page, and does not require that you have any additional software on your computer. However, the online editors could limit the look and style of your Web pages. I suggest you try the online editors first and see what you think. If they don’t meet your needs, then locate a software application (called an HTML editor) that creates Web pages.

HTML editors range in price from free to very expensive. Essentially, there are two varieties: text-based and WYSIWYG. A text-based editor requires you to know HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) coding. I’m a strong believer in learning HTML coding if you’re planning to build Web sites. That skill comes in handy over and over again. The Web offers plenty of free tutorials teaching HTML coding, and many books are available on the subject.

WYSIWYG editors (What You See Is What You Get; pronounced “wussywig”) are similar to working with word processors, such as MS Word. When you work in a WYSIWYG editor, you see the actual Web page as it will appear on the Web site. When you work with a text-based editor, you see a page of text and HTML tags. The WYSIWYG is definitely the fastest and easiest way to get started

Run a Google search for “free HTML editors.”

Depending on the features that your Web host offers, you could find everything you need in one package. If not, you will need the additional software mentioned above.

Clip Art for Your Web Site

Clip art livens up an otherwise drab Web site. You can get free clip art, or you can pay for it.

If you are a registered Microsoft Office user, you can access its gigantic online database of clip art . The site also contains photographs, animations and sounds that you can use for non-commercial purposes.

Otherwise, Google “free clip art,” and you’ll get multiple hits. One of the higher-ranking sites is Free Clip Art .

Maybe You Want a Blog Instead

Nowadays, blogs are replacing Web sites for many of us. Free services such as Blogger provide everything you need to get a blog up and running. Blogger is but one example. Search for “free blog” and you will find many suitable platforms.


Adult Dating Online Services – Look Before You Leap

Internet dating services have become almost commonplace, so many adult dating online sites are trying to introduce features which will make them stand out from the crowd. One of the strategies which some of them have adopted, for good or bad, is to eliminate any idea of romance and long-term relationships from their sales pitches, and target the eighteen-and-older population for with promises of a great deal more than companionable walks in the rain and evenings by the fire.

X-rated Adult Dating Online Services

Adult dating online sites are rather like adult films; you know when you buy a ticket to an adult film that you can expect some rather explicit sexual content. Adult film sites are aimed at singles–although they may be visited by married people as well–who want casual sexual relationships without having to commit to developing a relationship with their “dates.” For those who are not able, or do not want, to work on a committed relationship, but want a sexual partner, there are many adult dating online sites ready to help.

Swingers will never be at a loss when it comes to finding adult dating online sites. Wife-swapping, sexual fantasies, and fetishes all have their places in the adult dating online world. There is a freedom of thought shared by those who patronize adult dating online sites which you are unlikely to experience anywhere else.

The anonymity of these sites give those first exploring them the courage to continue, and when they learn that there are others who share their sexual tendencies, they become less concerned about the stigma which may be attached to their activities. Adult dating online sites are one place where many people finally feel like they fit in.

Traditional Adult Dating Online Service

There are, of course, many adult dating online services [http://www.1onlinedatinghelp.com/] geared towards those who are genuinely interested in finding others with whom they can build lasting relationships. Adult dating online sites designed to bring people together for companionship are one of the best ways that busy career people can find time to meet other compatible people without having to go on date after date.

If you are thinking about using an adult dating online service, be sure to take a long hard look at how it presents itself before you casually provide any of your personal information. You don’t want to be either disappointed, or shocked and embarrassed, but the nature of the offers you receive from other members!

Did Grandpa Surf on Adult-Only Sites?

To find that out you just have to look for suspicious websites in the browser’s history, but what about the long-term consequences of such a surfing-behavior? Since adult-content and torrent sites are still the number one distributor of spyware and any other kind of malicious software, it is crucial to protect your Computer from such kind of software with an effective anti-spyware-program.

This is important even if you are sure that nobody using your PC visits the mentioned websites, because they are not the only sites your Computer gets infected with viruses and spyware. Spyware can get on your Computer without you noticing it on nearly any website, because programmers always find ways and means to outsmart the anti-spyware software that comes with your system and make their websites looking very reliable.

To protect your system from any kind of unauthorized access, you need a software that thoroughly removes any threats there may be installed on your PC. But before buying a software you should have a look at the vendors website and look how frequently the software is updated. The database of a good software is updated at least every two hours. Furthermore you should run a free test scan to see whether the software is capable of detecting spyware on your computer. And there definitely is, if you’re using just the normal spyware protection and not a specialized software. So when grandpa or whoever surfed on unreliable sites produced additional spyware on your PC, sticking to those two tips will ensure that this spyware gets detected and is removed. So your data is secure and your Computer doesn’t unnecessarily gets slowed down. Just be sure to get an anti-spyware-software.

Unwanted Online Adult Content and Pornography – We Can Take Control

Has it happened to you? Have you been online browsing, perhaps doing research, and you mistype a URL (you thought you had the correct website) and suddenly, up pops an adult site, which you have no desire to see. Perhaps it gets worse, and you get more and more and more…and you effectively lose control of your machine until you reboot. Annoying at best…and it could be worse…perhaps you had to reboot and you lost important work.

Has this happened to your child while doing homework? Nine out of ten children between the ages of 8 and 16 have been exposed to online pornography, and most of the time it happened by accident while they were doing work for school. How bad is that?

The average age of first internet exposure to pornography is 11 years old. Last year 28% of all youth Internet users reported unwanted exposure to online pornography.

In 2006, three years ago, US revenue from Internet pornography was $2.8B. That is a lot of pornography online. There are over 80,000,000 web pages with pornographic images and there are new sites appearing daily.

It is not just the accidental views that create a problem, and it is not just a problem for children. 

10% of adults admit to Internet sexual addiction. 47% of families say that pornography is an issue in their homes. Two thirds of divorce lawyers say that excessive interest in online pornography played a significant role in divorces.

These are not problems that we are helpless to prevent or to protect ourselves against. We have greater choice than internet or no internet. We have the ability to take charge and to bring ourselves a G-Rated internet experience.

There are three primary mechanisms for obtaining a G-Rated internet: physical, legal and mechanical.

The physical solution is simply to ensure that computer usage takes place in a public location. Keep computers in family areas at home and not in private rooms. Use your computer where others can see, at least peripherally what you are doing. This does not prevent the accidental stumbling on of unwanted sites, but it helps to prevent the temptation to “just take a quick peak” at some questionable site. It keeps children from playing where they should not.

The legal solution is to diligently report unwanted sites and online experiences. Report them to your ISP. Report them to the local authorities. Most police organizations and certainly the FBI diligently track and prosecute those who abuse the internet by forcing unwanted adult content down our throats.

The mechanical approach is not really mechanical at all…it involves using software solutions to prevent the unwanted content, the pornography, from appearing. There are many solutions which monitor chat, text messages, email, etc.  These can detect and even block inappropriate online conversations, alert parents or other adults to potentially hazardous online situations and help to prevent long term damage to reputations. 

Detecting inappropriate images is more complex. There are not many solutions out there, fewer than fifteen, and mostly they don’t really work all that well. There are two fundamental problems:

1) True image analysis is very complex and requires substantial compute power, more than your PC or laptop;

2) Sites often have dynamic content so what a site that was fine one day may be inappropriate the next. 

Most solutions rely on URL name white and black lists to keep “bad” sites from showing up. These can certainly help, but they cannot address the dynamic content problem, and new sites are coming along so often that the black and white lists are always out of date. Some products claim to do true image analysis based on skin tones and colors entirely on your laptop or desktop. True, accurate image analysis is complex and requires significant compute power as well as continual tuning and updating. The average laptop or desktop cannot provide compute power to execute true and accurate image analysis.

You can take control of your internet experience. Using tools like those mentioned here, or which have similar capabilities, can provide you with a G-Rated internet experience. When the tools fail, report those failures to the vendors, and report the sites to your ISP and to the authorities. Use common sense when using and placing your computer. By combining these three approaches, you can go back to have enjoyable internet experiences despite the proliferation of unwanted adult content and pornography online.

Adult Promotion Service – For Better Traffic and Better Sales

Web sites that accommodate absolute or developed agreeable are all over the internet. There is a bazaar for such advice and not all of the sites that accept developed agreeable are aspersing or repulsive. All of the sites that accept developed agreeable accept one botheration admitting they are not acceptable to use abounding of the advance companies that advice web sites get bigger cartage and bigger sales. Most of these companies beacon bright of developed agreeable because they abhorrence accepting bent up in something illegal. Sites that accept a complete affair accept to use an developed advance account to get bigger cartage and bigger sales.

The humans who accomplish developed advance account to handle these admirers are not arrant they artlessly see that there is a charge for the tasteful advance of the sites that are advised for added complete individuals. These sites accept to be accurate area they abode their commercial and what admirers it appears that they are aggravating to attract. Most web sites and pages can abode advertisements and aback links on all of the amusing media sites to advice advance their traffic. The sites that are for complete eyes alone cannot abode advertisements on these media sites. There are humans on the media sites that are not old abundant to appearance the developed alone actual and the media sites would be alone by parents and added humans if it appeared they were acceptance the adolescent users to be targeted by sexually absolute sites and web pages.

Some advance casework use email as a way to ability out and absorption humans in advancing to appearance the web pages they are advertising. There are so abounding bacilli said to be associated with the developed alone sites that the majority of humans will not accessible an email that appears to appear from one of these sites and will added than acceptable either address the email as spam or block the being from anytime sending them addition email.

The alone absolute way that the developed advance account can abetment the complete agreeable sites in accretion their cartage and their sales is to abode aback links and advertisements on added complete agreeable sites. The web sites that are affiliated by a hotlink accept to accept agreeable that they allotment or at atomic accept agreeable that is in some way associated with the agreeable on the added site. So they are appealing abundant affected to accept aback links alone from developed agreeable sites or from sites that advertise developed toys and gadgets, or that accept developed altercation forums.

Whenever you are on a website that has a altercation or appointment you will be encouraged to participate in the discussion. At this time it is accessible to add a aback hotlink to your own pages for others who are account the appointment to follow. You do not get abundant PR amount from this blazon of announcement but you will get absorption from the added admirers because they are already absorbed in the affair that your pages contain.

Adult Content Blocker Allows You to Block Internet Sites and More

So abounding humans today accept a admiration to block Internet sites from their computers, but generally humans anticipate that their alone options are affectionate ascendancy software programs. Parent ascendancy options are abundantly accounted to be ample in nature, and while there are so abounding altered websites that can be aggravation or abhorrent to us, there are still affidavit to acquiesce assertive capacity to access our computer screen, which makes abounding affectionate ascendancy options too austere for developed use on their own computers. Developed agreeable acquaintance programs, however, are accessible that accord you a added customizable way to ascendancy what ancestor up on the Internet.

So how do developed agreeable acquaintance programs alter from affectionate ascendancy programs? Affectionate ascendancy programs plan by blocking Internet sites on actual ample topics. They may block annihilation at all, for instance, with the chat “lingerie” in it. Kids absolutely don’t charge to be examination almost clad men and women on the Internet for any reason. As an adult, you may, however, accept a charge to appearance lingerie sites if you wish to boutique for such items over the Internet. In this case, you may wish to block some of the added risqué types of lingerie such as thong panties. This aforementioned affair can be activated to any amount of capacity and specific keywords beyond the Internet, which can accomplish your time on the Internet added comfortable.

When because blocking Internet sites with developed agreeable acquaintance programs, don’t feel bound to just those sites of a animal nature. You can use such programs to absolutely yield ascendancy of your Internet experience, blocking aggregate from dating to bank and so abundant more. The Internet can be an abhorrent place, but locations of it can aswell just be annoying and irritating, too. You can get the advice you charge off of the Internet after barrier beyond any abominable agreeable if you yield ascendancy of your acquaintance and block that agreeable from bustling up.